David Rockwell with Bruce Mau

Ny Office

With Spectacle, designers David Rockwell and Bruce Mau present a dynamic visual essay that celebrates the phenomenon and history of communal, awe-inspiring public performance worldwide; from the stadium to the streets, from religious festivals to political marches, and from the ever-changing skyline of Las Vegas to ephemeral fireworks displays. In photographs, essays, and interviews, this volume maps sites of mass spectacle: barren deserts become instant cities (Burning Man Festival in Nevada), millions of pilgrims flock to the shores of the Ganges (Kumbh Mela in India), and costumed revelers turn Brazil’s streets into a massive samba party (Carnival in Rio de Janeiro). Immoderate, impermanent, and often surreal, these events provide a respite from reality and reserve. In an age of virtual connectedness, Spectacle shines a light on the value of being there.

The Voices of Spectacle

Spectacle includes 20 interviews with "big thinkers" on spectacle, including:

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The Architecture and Design of Rockwell Group

Madrid Office

Pleasure is the first book to examine the theaters, hotels, stadiums, restaurants, casinos, and other spaces across the country that have positioned Rockwell Group as one of America’s most influential, acclaimed, and popular firms. Rockwell Group has crafted a vital form of vernacular architecture and design, one that crackles with the kinetic energy of the avant-garde, the shimmer of Hollywood, the sensual mystery of a far-off, yet somehow familiar, place. With projects such as the Kodak Theatre, a masterful pairing of technology and spectacle worthy of the Academy Awards; the Mohegan Sun casino, a dazzling scenescape of myth and wonder; and the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, where learning and discovery help advance the healing process; Rockwell Group has garnered accolades for a signature design strategy that seduces, entertains, informs, and inspires.


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