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Ames Hotel

Boston, MA

In the historic former corporate headquarters of the Ames family’s agricultural tool company in Boston, Rockwell Group embraced the building’s past to create interiors with sculptural objects and commissioned artwork that would spark interest in local and out-of-town visitors alike.

Modern-day materials create a new narrative: Benjamin Franklin meets a supermodel.

The intricate hand-craft and the play of light and shadow from the custom chandelier contrast with the original barrel vaulted ceiling behind it.

The custom chandlier is made of thousands of reflective mylar discs suspended on wires.

The lobby features an original mosaic-tile vaulted ceiling and a marble-and-brass staircase. Behind the reception, an abstract ceramic wall installation is made up of many pieces of hand cast porcelain.

Local artist Sally Moore and Silver Hill Arts consulted on a “Cabinet of Curiosities.”

The Woodward is a two-story restaurant with its own identity.

Vintage agricultural tools and objects create Joseph Cornell–inspired environments. Almost a hundred sculptural creations sit in Plexiglas boxes throughout the restaurant and along the staircase.

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