Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Truck

North America

TED2010 Prize winner Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution truck was a chance for Rockwell Group to become part of a nationwide initiative to overcome childhood obesity. It incorporates the chef’s teaching concept into a mobile format, creating an unforgettable immersive experience.

Working with TED and Jamie Oliver, Rockwell Group designed the truck as a pro-bono project.

The portable design creates impact. Pop-out walls, mobile cooking stations, and an inflatable amphitheater allow the truck to explode with life at each new location.

Cooking stations are ready for a meal inside the truck.

A dynamic cooking venue gives students an immediate connection with food.

Once cooking is done, workstations can be arranged in clusters for demonstrations or lined up as a long communal dining table.

“Something that’s only there for a brief amount of time often creates deeper memories than a permanent installation .”

David Rockwell
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