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W Paris–Opéra

Paris, France

Across from the famed Opéra Garnier, W Hotels’ Paris debut infuses new energy into the city’s historic fabric. Rockwell Group's Madrid office partially restored details of the 19th century building, juxtaposing original ornamental columns and vaulted ceilings with pops of modern color and pattern—and a high-tech architectural intervention called The Spark winds through it all.

The hotel embodies the true energy of a mash-up as old collides with new. Contemporary artists bring a modern twist to the building’s historic interior.

Shoboshobo’s drawings adorn lounge mirrors.
The building’s historic moldings melt away as they blend with contemporary influence.

Visible through the hotel’s façade, the wall seems to shatter the things around it. Classical moldings become fragmented as they grow closer to the shimmering lights.

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