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Why make a monograph? The process of making a book is one of discovery and reflection. This year marks our 30-year anniversary as a company and it felt like the perfect time to look closely at all that we've done, and where we're headed next.

The interests we’ve explored in these pages range from the idea of mash-up, to materials, stagecraft, choreography, storytelling, and transformation.

Minimalist typography, short texts, questions, and images do much of the storytelling.
The bright, reflective white cover contrasts with the multicolored silkscreened edge treatment.

We believe that sensory experiences create deep connections to the world.

The book itself reflects our interest in materiality and sensory experiences by using innovative and unusual silkscreen, binding, and printing techniques.

Opening questions highlight a key idea or provocation explored in each project.

Narrator and contributor voices are highlighted using different typefaces, bringing personal perspectives and behind the scenes details to life.

The script for John Guare's "Between," a one-act play that takes place in a Rockwell Group-designed restaurant, is included alongside essays by Justin Davidson, Jack O'Brien and Q&A with Elizabeth Diller.

The play centers around two people immersed in the atmosphere of Rockwell Group-designed restaurant.

“This book pulls back the curtain on Rockwell’s process.”

Chee Pearlman

What If...? The Architecture and Design of David Rockwell is published by Metropolis Books. Please visit our Publications section for more information.

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