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Kaleidoscopes present fragments that ignite new ideas. The smallest twist exposes us to new arrangements and new opportunities. The classic toy takes us back to our roots, allowing us to build on the universal desire to see things differently.

Endlessly inspired by their transformative nature, David Rockwell can't stop collecting them.

David Rockwell's growing kaleidoscope collection lines his office.

Constantly changing our perspective.

Gathered over two decades, David's kaleidoscope collection serves as a reminder of the vast array of options we have as designers. Not surprisingly, kaleidoscopic imagery can be found in Rockwell Group's work.

For the lobby of 605 Third Avenue in Manhattan, the LAB at Rockwell Group designed two oversized digital glass windows comprised of a grid of LCD tiles.

Each tile can be programmed to be opaque, clear, or one of 254 monochromatic shades in between.

Stepping inside a kaleidoscope.

The windows create a meditative reprieve for passersby and office workers alike.


Revealing surreal, unexpected moments in the spirit of discovery.

Using specially-designed interactive software, visitors were invited to manipulate jewelry inside the store, changing the facade of Mauboussin's NYC flagship.

For an Open House New York Spring Benefit, Rockwell Group’s LAB created a way for users to generate patterns that were projected on columns throughout the space.

Guests manipulated New-York themed objects on interactive surfaces to create different effects.
“Kaleidoscopes launch us into new territory.”
David Rockwell

“Kaleidoscopes take objects that we’re familiar with and jumble them to create new, surprising combinations.”

David Rockwell

The LAB at Rockwell Group designed a virtual reality kaleidoscope app, as an R&D project.

A screenshot from our kaleidoscope app.
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