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Imagination Playground


Imagination Playground puts the creative risk back into childhood play. Developed as the result of years of playground study, this portable playground arrives in a box, cart, or bag and lets children do what they do best: create their own worlds.

What originally began as a playground project in New York became a broad study on the positive impact of play.

The blocks encourage free play and imaginative thinking outside of swings and slides.

For five years, Rockwell Group studied playgrounds and identified a need for more open-ended activities. These giant blue foam blocks can become anything children dream.

Blocks come in multifunctional shapes like gears, arches, and tubes.
Blocks are deployed at schools, museums, churches, hospitals, and parks around the world.

The portable design can go places traditional playgrounds cannot.

The project has become part of an initiative to bring play to children in developing nations. To date, the UNICEF P.L.A.Y. Project, in partnership with Disney, has brought the blocks to more than 13,000 children in Bangladesh and Haiti.

"When we use our imagination, anything can happen."

“We thought about how we could let the kids become the designers.”

Barry Richards
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