Equinox Hotels Launches at 35 Hudson Yards

Opening in June, the inaugural Equinox Hotel at Hudson Yards features interior spaces designed by Rockwell Group. Our concept for the destination hotel was inspired by a seamless transition between travel, work, play, and a healthy lifestyle, built on the pillars of movement, nutrition, and regeneration. The guest rooms, public spaces, and restaurant celebrate transitions and transformations (from day to night, from active to restful), with sleek, luxurious materials used in unexpected ways, such as resin, figured metal, stone, and leather.

The Equinox Hotel experience is humanistic, from its design around the rhythms of the body to the biomorphic forms found throughout the space, and from the health-conscious dining and fitness options to its acknowledgement of fundamental human qualities such as curiosity and the need for intimacy and community. Read more here.

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