What is it about the color blue? It finds its way into much of our work. Cool, composed, refreshing—blue can be subtle, brazen or bold.

81st Annual Academy Awards
A Joseph Urban-inspired take on the Campidoglio in Rome.
Spotlight Collection for Jim Thompson
Blue velvet feathers reflect light in unusual ways.

Blue blocks for blue sky thinking.
New landmarks and signage create clearer navigation in Meijer’s signature blue.
Intel Ultrabook™ Tree
Touchpads offer access to an alternate blue world.
Fairmont Le Château Frontenac

Blue captures the regal spirit of this historic property.
Bon Appétit Supper Club & Café
The concept for this pop-up was centered around a palette of deep blues.
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
A blue change of scene resets and refreshes the stage.
Rosa Mexicano
Tiny divers on a watery blue tiled wall.
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