David Rockwell for Maya Romanoff


Building on a shared appreciation of artisan techniques and material experimentation, Rockwell Group and Maya Romanoff collaborated to create a collection of wallcoverings with dramatic visual and tactile qualities.­

The team held workshops with a diverse group that included a theater expert, a model creator, interior, graphic, and industrial designers… even a jewelry maker.

Wool fiber is stitched into felt material to create a textile-inspired pattern.
Wallcoverings inspired by wool blankets wrap rooms in a comforting embrace.

A hands-on creative approach resulted in three wallcovering designs.

Each was inspired by investigation of new materials, found objects, and craft-making processes including stitching, knitting, and burning.

In 2016, Maya Romanoff and David Rockwell introduced Cozy, combining the luxurious qualities of woven wool with a subtle hint of playfulness.

Layers of woven wool are engraved and printed with foil stitching in pinstripe or bold, large-scale patterns, resulting in a tactile and sophisticated wallcovering for a range of spaces.

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