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Cohen Children’s Medical Center

New Hyde Park, NY

Working with the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System, Rockwell Group created an interactive interior design based on the belief that art and play have a vital role in children’s hospitals.

The project aims to make a positive space that gives patients a sense of control over their environment by creating reassuring and stimulating experiences.

A virtual aquarium created by Rockwell Group LAB lets visitors create and release fish into a tank.
Colorful niches for toys and books are within easy reach for children.

Each of three floors becomes a unique ecosystem.

In settings that evoke forests, mountains, and oceans, patients are encouraged to improve their own physical and emotional well-being through imaginative play and self-expression. The design lets families spend time together throughout the healing process.

Kids design fish to play with in the interactive virtual aquarium.
Rockwell Group LAB
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