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Washington, D.C.

An exhibition offers investigation of the history of construction toys and block play. Children and families can experience the National Building Museum’s unique Architectural Toy collection with Rockwell Group’s groundbreaking play space, Imagination Playground.

The PLAY WORK BUILD exhibit draws connections between early examples of imaginative play and its modern-day interpretation.

The first gallery highlighted some of the museum’s more than 2,300 construction toy sets.
In the third gallery children experienced Imagination Playground blocks for themselves.

Children are given the chance to design their own course of play.

Four galleries take visitors through interactive installations of every shape and size. From playing with Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys to hundreds of small- and large-scale Imagination Playground blocks, children have a truly hands-on experience from beginning to end.

The LAB’s interactive installation allows kids to play with digital blocks.

Rockwell Group’s LAB created an interactive video projection that traces the shape of bodies and fills them in with virtual blocks—any movement causes the blocks to topple.

"I love the open-ended play aspect of the blocks."
Museum Visitor
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