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Center for Civil and Human Rights

Atlanta, GA

The stories of the American civil rights movement and the global human rights movement are intimately linked. The Center for Civil and Human Rights offers a space to tell these stories, presenting them visually to create personal connections with visitors.

Narratives unfold as visitors travel through immersive, multimedia galleries created in collaboration with director George C. Wolfe and human rights activist Jill Savitt.

Current human rights defenders are highlighted within the Spark of Conviction galleries.
A touch-activated counter times how long visitors can keep their composure.

Dramatically lit rooms tell the story of the Civil Rights Movement.

These light- and sound-controlled environments let visitors experience events like the Greensboro lunch counter sit-in through a binaural soundtrack of violent reactions to protesters and simulations of their stools being kicked.

Other mirrors reflect a photo collage of iconic moments in the global human rights movement.

In a space designed to inspire personal connections, visitors confront mirrors that reveal a persecuted person with similar traits.

museum exhibit at the center for civil and human rights in atlanta designed by rockwell group
Hickory wood panels inscribed with quotations line the walls of the gallery.

The third gallery is a chapel-like space dedicated to Martin Luther King, Jr.

A rotating exhibit of personal papers is shown in archival cases alongside a projection of the phrase “I Have a Dream” in 25 different languages. The gallery is meant to foster quiet reflection as visitors read and contemplate Dr. King’s words.

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