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If we could store it in our materials library, we would. It's as important as steel, wood, or stone. Without light, there would be no architecture. Grounded in physics but completely emotional, light defines space, sets moods, cuts paths, and announces the personality of a room. We would be in the dark without it.

A light you can enter: 21 miles of crystal bead swags circle The Chandelier bar.
Our flexible, modular collection for LASVIT nods to the design of the night sky.

Washi paper lanterns peek through the ceiling installation.
An illuminated spiral staircase tempts guests to explore the Manhattan hotel.
Undulating sapele wood ribbons organize circulation and nodes of activity.

Custom pendants feature imagery found in the Greek Islands.
650 ever-changing lanterns hover like a magic carpet above the Winter Garden.
Sconces are engraved with theater facades sketched by set designers.
A glowing, barrel-vaulted ceiling at Moxy East Village.
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